NGC 2024 The Flame nebula & Star Zeta Orionis ( Alnitak ) In The Constellation Orion
Potographed from the southern hemisphere with Tak Sky 90
CCD System: SBIG ST-2000XMC 2, Exposure Time: 10 Minutes
Ken Pinkela Monday, 29 Sep 2008
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"The Flame Nebula, also known as NGC 2024, is a stellar nursery located about 1,500 light years from our solar system. The nebula is a region of star formation that is in the process of forming a star cluster. The Flame Nebula is visible through small telescopes. It is located in the constellation of Orion near the star known as Alnitak, the easternmost star of Orion's Belt."
flame nebula
Credit & Copyright: Caltech Astronomy Image by David Thompson of the California Institute of Technology