If, like myself, you've been an astronomy enthusiast for any lenght of time, then making any new discovery, of any kind, can be a cool experience. Well, I received an interesting email from a long time follower who was curious about a certain picutre posted in the Stars section of this web site. Investigating the image ( shown below ) I noticed a cloud of nebulosity that was not on the original survey image I had downloaded ( see below, light green arrow [original FITS, conversion name.jpe, name.jpg formats] ) from the Aladin previewer website — both images blinked below for comparision. With some further research I also obtained the POSSI/E/DSS1 survey image which is also shown below enhanced ( green circle ).

blinked hd191978
Blinked image of original and enhanced (RgB) image

hd191978 original
Orignal image as it appears on this site. Notice the light brown stellar cloud trailing down and right of the image's central star

hd191978a hd191978b
Original and enhanced images. The original received a light contrast increase so that the stellar cloud has just become visible.

Learning a Lesson for Dummies

To make a long story longer, I did some digging as the original image was all I had to go on. The image was obtained from ( at the time of hunting ) an unknown source and adding to the dilemma was the fact that the image file was not even properly named ( a small technical detail that I long ago learned not to do, ergo, case in point ). Five hours, three hard drives, 6 backup CD's plus backtracking through hundreds of old files via a FITS program ( fingers crossed ) finally paid off ( on the 5th CD backup); I was able to get the coordinates — btw, the name of that file was image002241.xxx! Here's the technical data on the region in the above image:

Needless to say, lesson learned! But the hunt was GREAT! And here is one last enhanced image of the same region showing the further areas of HII ionization ( light red arrows )

Credits: palomar observatory Palomar Observatory Sky Survey (POSSI, POSSII/F/DSS2) via the Aladin image previewer applet and website.

For additional information regarding HD 191978: