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NGC 87 - 88 - 89 - 92 Robert's Quartet [Credit: ESO]
Morp.Type: (87)IBm Pec (88)SB(rs)a pec (89)SB0(s)a pec. (92)SAa pec
aka: ESOLV1940080, PGC001357, ESO194-008
Located (J2000):J002114.22-483742.9
NGC 1132 - Elliptical Galaxy [Credit: APOD]
Morp.Type: E
aka: UGC02359, PGC010891, SRGb155.058
Located (ra & dec): 02h 52m 51.72s -01 16' 10." 9
NGC 1313 Starburst irregular galaxy [Credit: ESO]
Morp.Type: SB(s)d
aka: ESO 082- G 011, HIPASS J0317-66, SGC 031739-6640.7
Located (ra & dec): 03h18m16.05s -66d29m53.7s
NGC 1350 Spiral Galaxy [Credit: APOD/ESO]
Morp.Type: Sa(r)
aka: ESO 358- G 013, IRAS 03291-3347, USGC S129 NED56
Located (ra & dec): 03h31m08.12s -33d37m43.1s
NGC 1365 Barred Spiral [Credit: APOD]
Morp.Type: SBb
aka: ESO 358- G 017, USGC S129 NED48, SWIFT J0333.5-3608
Located (ra & dec): 03h33m36.371s -36d08m25.45s
NGC 1427a Irregular Galaxy [Credit: ESO]
Morp.Type: IB(s)m
aka: ESO 358- G 049, USGC S129 NED23, PGC 013500
Located (ra & dec): 03h40m09.30s -35d37m28.0s
NGC 1672 Barred Spiral Galaxy [Credit: APOD]
Morp.Type: SB
aka: ESO 118- G 043, SGC 044455-5920.3, PGC 015941
Located (ra & dec): 04h45m42.51s -59d14m50.2s
NGC 2903 Barred Spiral Galaxy [Credit: APOD]
Morp.Type: SB
aka: LEDA 27077, UGC 05079, PGC 027077
Located (ra & dec): 09h32m10.11s +21d30m03.0s
NGC 3190 Spiral Galaxy [Credit: ESO]
Morp.Type: SA
aka: LEDA 30083, UGC 05559, ARP 316 NED02
Located (ra & dec): 10h18m05.64s +21d49m55.0s
NGC 4565 Unbarred Spiral Galaxy, Edge-on View [Credit: ESO]
Morp.Type: SA(s)b? sp Sy3 Sy1.9 [see: NED]
aka: LEDA 42038, USGC U491 NED01, IRAS 12338+2615
Located (ra & dec): 12h36m20.7802s +25d59m15.629s
NGC 5128 Lenticular Galaxy [Credit: ESO]
Morp.Type: S0 pec
aka: Centaurus A, ARP 153, LEDA 46957
Located (ra & dec): 13h25m27.6152s -43d01m08.805s
ESO 269-G57 [Credit: ESO]
Morp.Type: (R'_2)SAB(r)b
aka: LEDA 45683, PGC 045683, IRAS 13071-4610
Located (ra & dec): 13h10m04.43s -46d26m14.4s
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