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Hello and welcome to A Universe in Time.
Well let's see...it's been 7 years and I'm finally getting around to revamping this page. Over that period I've been busy with work, college (back to college I should say) and more work. Occasionally I've been able to put in some hobby time: history, reading, computers and amature astronomy. So I figured it was about time to get out the broom and dustpan and clean this site up. So, with that in mind -

Watch Your Step Please!

Please note that some of the pages are here, some are under construction and some are just plain gone.

Web Page People Peekers so far!

Follow any of the below links (except for the broken ones of course!) pictures change when the mouse cruises by. Ya, java script...pretty cool!

Galaxies & Nebulas
Clouds in Space
A Cooler Looking Universe
My Developing Analysis of the Big Bang Theory

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