Credit: Dr. Axel Mellinger, Assistant Professor
Dept. of Physics, Central Michigan University.

Above is a beautifully created panoramic view of our Milkyway Galaxy. You can take in Axel Mellinger's full panorama by sliding the menu bar to your right if you're running IE or Opera users can right click and choose "Open Image". By the way, this image is now a "...part of NASA's Multiwavelength Milky Way poster (the only contribution from an amateur astronomer!) and which can be found by following this link here

Here's another beautiful panoramic of the Milkyway but this time showing the two sections which, when joined, completed the full image. One of the steps in processing images like those above involves a "stiching" together of multi image frames in order to form one composite image. This process of "stiching" can be quite tedious as will be shown on the next Milkyway link.

For more information on astro/digital photography and processing I recommend stopping by Axel Mellinger's site for a look around.

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