I do not know how many millions of light years distance is the nursery. Yet, somewhere out in the infinite expanse of the universe there is a stellar cocoon of dust, gas and gravity giving form to a new beginning. It's evolution is long I think, much longer than you or I have lived and existed here on this planet. Perhaps if we could live a half-million or so years, we could watch this star's birth. It would be like watching a great earthen stone erode though; slow, methodical and only at times would there even be an indication of life. But when the time finally arrived, like a tounge of flame seen in the dark of night, it's heart would suddenly roar to life, it's mighty engine detonating with such energy that the light and heat would consume all around it, pushing aside all in it's way, a new sun finally shinning out upon the landscape of it's birth.

Below is a graphic representation of such a stellar nursery somewhere out in the cosmos.

image by pinkela

Image By
K. Pinkela

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