Brown Dwarf 2M1207 & ExoplanetThis composite image shows the first planet outside of our solar system (left) found orbiting a brown dwarf, dubbed 2M1207 (centre). The fainter planetary companion is at an angular distance of 778 milliarcsec from 2M1207. The exoplanet orbits at a distance from the brown dwarf that is nearly twice as far as Neptune is from the Sun. Originally designated the Giant Planet Candidate Companion (GPCC) by its discoverers, further observations, particularly its motion in the sky relative to 2M1207, ascertained its true nature. The photo is based on three near-infrared exposures (in the H, K and L'' wavebands) with the NACO adaptive-optics facility at the 8.2-m VLT Yepun telescope at the ESO Paranal Observatory.