Hello and welcome to AUIT's new update page.
Update of August 20, 2009.

Hello and Welcome — Γειά σου και ευπρόσδεκτος — Ciao e benvenuto — Bonjour et bienvenue

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  1. Well, have managed to get a bit behind here due to a new business startup on the homefront but not to worry. I am working on the normal projects here as time allows and the end of this month should see a good many updates. The new publication has been posted and currently working on a new Site of the Month feature. After that it will be back to "Historical Bytes" and then the usual round of updates. Till then, be good all.
  2. Well, with the newly revised Nebulae pages up, so ends the latest round of updates. I'll be starting again with the "Historical Bytes" pages ( currently writing the second half of the life of Tycho Brahe ) and then proceeding on to Links, Art page, Publication, Site of the month...and I see the news page needs without further ado...ciao!

  3. The second and final page in now posted on Herbig-Haro objects. The next publication will be Part I, Space Shuttle 1978-1990. I am also working on the final editing for a new Galaxies image page and that should be posted within a day or two of this update. Next week will see a new Nebulae page and end the update cycle.

  4. Page one of the monthly publication is posted and I will be concentrating on the remainder so as to get the rest up as soon as possible. In the meantime I am working on both Galaxies and Nebulae image pages and some additions to the Art page as I have received several emails with submissions. That will complete this rotation cycle of page updates and then it will begin all again. I will probably be taking a week off for rest for life work but will be updating like crazy thereafter.

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  6. In order to state the obvious, I've moved the entire "Update" page to here. I have posted AUIT's site of the month page, doesn't it look great? Sure does! Sorry about ringing my own bell folks, but it's finally in the form I've been trying to achieve from the start of this site's remodel and I finally made it with the help of (see below). It's been tested in all the major browsers, newest editions and works in them all!

    In addition, the newest histroical bytes page is almost ready to go up and I'm editing the new puiblication as we speak (ok, as I type) With that, ciao all!

  7. I'm just recovering from a recent DSL modem crash and so I'm a bit behind in work around here. Fear not however...I begged the help of a long time follower of AUIT and he just laughed! Kidding folks. I'll be posting new pages, just a tad behind schedule but posting will be done. I know they asked me not to but I have to thank some very wonderful folks whom always find a little extra time in their busy days to help out:

    Doreen "brite_star" L. whom finally got it through my head that the website would be much served through the use of some very snazzy templates...ok, you were right! PS - I understood when you said not to worry about crediting you and that veiled hint regarding the inquisition if I did but if Galileo could survive one

    Dean 'dude_rocket man' S. Is that really your username? ROFL Before he abandoned me and moved out of California (no I am not moving there either) worked the blog on the original site, worked with me on some of the science details for the new site, provided some of my first imaging lessons (telescope) and now no longer wants to work with me! Thanks bro, without your help I would never have travelled so far nor so well.

    Fred _ Hey dude, what is your last name anyway? Fred pushed; Fred never was shy when it came to correct usage of the English language -- I know how to speck Fred!; Fred made sure every page at the beginning was as best as it could be; Fred, all I can say is "Who are you dude?" Seriously, he was the very first person to email me at the old website and has never stopped emailing me and for that I am immensely in your debt, especially for not letting me give up the quest for site compatibility across OS platforms.

    Thank You!

  8. Well...I finally found some spare time to trim up the front page. For now it's just a few minor things, like the top of the page logo, moving the updates to their own page and a little text cleanup here and there. I hope to have it in it's intended form soon. It was the first page I hammered out last year when I began my historic remodel of the old site. I chose to focus on the content rather than presentation then but, as you may have already noticed, I've begun polishing all the bells and whistles around here   :0)

  9. Posted a newly reformatted page for Stars has been posted. I am much indebted to all those who have contributed and assisted in the creation of this new format, especially you Rocket_man_Dude whose sharp eye and help prevented the constellation Sagittarius from ending up on the other side of our galaxy ;0o   ( was just a typo!)

  10. I just posted the new STAR page — Neutrons/Pulsar — and you can check it out directly by clicking on this link here

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  12. Thank you for the emails on the new format; it's nice to know that you good folks stop in & back in and read all this good stuff

  13. I've also begun reformatting the remaining STAR pages - see the above link for an example of the new look;

  14. In the works for the month of June: three new featured sites of the month, a new "Historical Bytes" page and a new monthly publication page;

  16. The new links page has been posted — Interactive Simulations & Animations

  17. I updated AUIT's newspage for this month by posting the Kepler Mission update on extrasolar planets, very cool stuff;

  18. The historical PR handout package for the first shuttle orbital flight is now seeing some work and is going to be posted in the monthly publication below. I am waiting on a few questions to be answered and additional copyright and permissions. For those interested, clicking here will bring up a sample image from the package. (opens in new window). I'll keep you good folks informed as to progress;

  19. Latest Astronomical News & AUIT's Current Events

Clear skies and happy viewing to everyone, everywhere! ciao