Honest folks,
On Monday my dog ate this web page before I could get it posted;
Then on Tuesday my computer was dry-cleaned and I couldn't do a thing with it;
On Wednesday my eyeglass presciption ran out;
Thursday was horrible. I cleaned my dog with spot remover and couldn't find him;
Friday wasn't my fault at all so I waited till Saturday;
Saturday, hey! You have to take a break some time right?
Someone cut all the Sundays & Mondays out of my calender and glued them back in reverse. Took a month of my job calling me to figure that one out! But, fear not folks, I'm absolutely positive this page will be written soon and will then appear here somewhere...I sure could use a 8-day a week calender, eBay?

Anyone have a needle and thread? I need to sew my Back button back on! Oh never mind just click the line