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the art gallery of astronomy & composite imagery at a universe in time
Updated March 19, 2009 - increased image wait time - Coming Soon: information links to all the images

Image of solar elclispe used with the kind permission of: Jay M. Pasachoff. Image Credit: 2006 Team - Williams College Eclipse Expedition, NSF, National Geographic, SOHO Consortium, ESA, NASA / Jay M. Pasachoff. For more information Go Here


In 1995-96, when I first had the "itch" to create an astronomy web site I also wanted to include the art of private individuals, as well as my own, that I had discovered as my research took me all over the net. When revamping my web site last year I ran across several old graphic images I had created with some early paint program. It was then I found that urge to again add a "Galerie d'Art" page. This time however I am not alone nor the only "science" based artist rendering images. There are now many fine sites with excellent images by those that created their work with the an eye to the science of astronomy, several of which are featured on this site and on this page.

Anyone wishing to display their own science-based art on this page need only contact me at the email link below. Images not to exceed 500px x  400px. A short description, copyright notice if applicable and any other information relevant to your image should be included.

I will add your website in the links section of this site (if you wish) and eventually list all the artists as well as any information regarding the artist, on this page as well.

To those individuals & institutions whom have so generously permitted their work to appear here -

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And remember folks, if you wish to use anything from this site that is not in the public domain please contact me or the credited individual because asking permission is an absolutely risk-free-no-obligation courtesy!

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