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This page will be under re-construction and in transition for some weeks until completed. However, I fully intend on continuing with the ongoing sub-sections categories as time permits; I just thought I'd stop and give it a little "face lift". Thank you for your patience.

This page will eventually contain well over 1,500 links in every category of astronomy. These links represent over 10 years of research conducted on the web and all, up to two months ago, have been double checked to ensure that they still exist.

Categorized Links

Bang! Crash! Boom! Oops, Still Under Construction

Besides the usual archives found on this page I've gathered a rather extensive list of others with images both private (copyright) and public (credited use)
Binary Stars - Gravitional Attraction - Kepler's Three Laws - The Doppler Effect and more... one of the nicer points of on line education is the ability to visualize what is being taught. With that in mind this link category has many fine astronomy & science lab simulations.
More confortable learning on your own? Wish to see if astronomy or physics in general is right for you? No problem, as there is a plethora of sites, from private individuals to universities who offer, for absolutely FREE, complete course in various astronomical pursuits. The labs and instruction vary in degree but there is something here for everyone.
Whether you're into digital composite imagery, astrophotography or have a flair for the artistic side, here's a listing of some very excellent sites to both please the eye and help the beginning, intermediate or advance pupil in science based photography to computer designed art.

AUIT's new Links & Credits Page Two

This second page was created in March, 2009

Page Two of Links

I decided to continue the format as presented on page one of Links as I dislike having to scroll on and on etc. Below you'll find the short guides on the various astronomy related query sites. As I previously mentioned, this and other sections here are a work in progress and as such not all the titles have been completed; I'm working hard on them as time permits and they will be completed in the future.

The Short Guides to Using...