Tom Bischoff

September 18, 2009

Linus: I guess it's wrong always to be worrying about tomorrow. Maybe we should think only about today.

Charlie Brown: No, that's giving up. I'm still hoping that yesterday will get better!

Tom writes:

Hello, I'm Tom Bischoff and I just want to say Thanks for stopping by.

As for myself, I grew up in the San Francisco-Bay Area and currently reside in Sonoma County. I began my musical career at the age of nine, practicing and playing the trumpet, which I continued through college and present day. However, it was during my time at Merritt College in Oakland, California that I took an interest in and began playing another instrument - the drums. Now, forty years later here I am, still playing them like crazy.

Being a self-taught student of the drums, my experiences and abilities have been both satisfying and very rewarding. Over the years I have had the pleasure and honor of playing with many other fine musicians and groups including late Texas blues legend Sam "Lightnin" Hopkins, folk-rock singer/songwriter Jesse Colin Young of the Youngbloods, Banana and the Bunch a 1972 re-formed lineup that included several members of the Youngbloods, local (Cotati, California) blues, rock and pop singer Sarah Baker and the bands California Zephyr and Nor Cal Country.

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