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Hello and welcome to our music CD website, we hope your visit will be enjoyable and thank you for stopping by.
—Gail Bischoff

Please Note That While Several Sections Of Our Website Remain Under Developement, Most Pages Are Currently Posted. We Expect Editing To Be Completed Sometime After The New Year.

title block 2 is a music rehearsal studio in New York City where Musicians can Rehearse, Jam, Record, Start a Band, Advertise, Find Professional & Recreational Musicians in the heart of Manhattan.

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  1. Since You Went Away
  2. Reapin' What You Sow
  3. Too Many Times
  4. On My Mind
  5. Reality
  6. Trouble With A Capital "T"
  7. Winds Of Change
  8. "8" Ball
  9. Prepare Yourself
  10. Carry It
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DrumsHere you can learn about the members of the band in their own words.

Gail Bischoff

Tom Bischoff

Tony Rainier

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