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As this page represents over 12 years of internet research in astronomy and general science, I wish to express some very heartfelt thanks to all the individuals, institutions and site creators who have contributed freely or by permission to the contents herein, without which this site would not be possible. To all you good folks,


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Please be sure you check any copyrights or read any licensing agreement before you use any image from these good people. Many of the images I use on this website are done so by permission. It has been my experience that almost everyone I have ever asked responded cheefully and least no has bit my head off yet! Remember —
Asking is an Absolutely Risk-Free-No-Obligation Courtesy.

Art, Sketching & Photograhpy

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Whether you sketch it, snap it, digitally click it or have a flair for the artistic side, here's a listing of some very excellent sites to both please the eye and help the beginning, intermediate or advance pupil in science based photography to computer designed art.

Interactive Simulations & Movies

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Binary Stars - Gravitional Attraction - Kepler's Three Laws - The Doppler Effect and more... one of the nicer points of on line education is the ability to visualize what is being taught. With that in mind this link category has many fine astronomy & science lab simulations and movies. Note: some of the movies can be quite large and may take a few minutes to appear in your player.

Hands on Education

Meaning to Do

More confortable learning on your own? Wish to see if astronomy or physics in general is right for you? No problem, as there is a plethora of sites, from private individuals to universities who offer, for absolutely FREE, complete course in various astronomical pursuits. The labs and instruction vary in degree but there is something here for everyone.

Reflection Nebula
Artistic Rendering of a
Reflection Nebula
©1995 K.Pinkela

Flame Nebula
Image of the Flame Nebula
© 2008 K.Pinkela

Welcome to AUIT's Astronomy Links
Interactive Simulations & Animations Page

This page was created in May, 2009.

The below links are to private, educational and science institution sites that offer all kinds of interactive science programs and simulations ( some of the animations are large ) for all levels . A good many of these simulations are written in java script, requiring you to have JAVA enabled in your browser, some require Adobe Flash Player or Shochkwave « Clicking on the link will take you to the Adobe Web Players page just in case ( Copyright © 2009 Adobe Systems Incorporated ). Some of the simulations run as applets — security settings in Internet Explorer may require you to "ok" the use of such applets before they'll run on your computer. Most of the simulation movies or animations are large ( 1mb+ ) .mpeg or .avi formatted files and will play via IE Media Player, Quicktime or RealPlayer plugins.

PLEASE READ: Just so everyone knows — I did not write any of the following simulations; I do not know if they are 100% compatible across all browsers; I cannot answer questions regarding usage or required parameters though I've tried to keep the list to those that include instructional material; if by the off-chance your computer explodes into a blinding, thermonuclear mushroom cloud or you begin to glow in the dark, then please don't blame me. In other words, use these simulations at your own risk. What I have done is: verify that the link is valid by going to the providing website; tried the simulation to make sure it works ( without the mushroom cloud effect ) under Opera 9.52, build 10108 and checked for and read the instructional material — just so everyone knows.

The links are grouped into relevant categories so just scroll down if you are looking for something in particular. With that, let's have some fun...

The abbreviations listed below are provided for your information:

J = java enabled browser required | A = Browser Applet | Edu = Educational institution offering | Pvt = Privately authored | Sci = Science institution offering | Pub = Other publisher or company offering | SO = Simulation only | Mx = Movie animations, .mpeg or .avi formats | sKw = Shockwave File | aX = Active X component ( IE )

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